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Dual Immersion Resources

Dual Immersion Resources

This list of resources for your dual immersion student will help you support your language learning beyond the classroom. Please click on the language for books, tv shows, podcasts, and more.

This presentation from a researcher who visited a Franklin PTA meeting to speak about dual immersion is packed with information. Parents and guardians of dual immersion students may also want to understand the Guiding Principles for Dual Language Education from the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) and this blog about Bilingual Language Development.


How to use these suggested language resources: 

Choose ONE app, ONE podcast, and ONE TV show your child likes.  Use each source once per week. This is a great habit to establish all year round!


Avoid Google Translate. 

Instead, try Wordreference if your child needs to look up words. Google Translate is machine-generated and often inaccurate. Wordreference provides definitions and example sentences for context with each word, including parts of speech. It also has a verb conjugator and grammar section for older students.

More Resources:

Math Vs. Fact