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Franklin Merch Store

Get Your Franklin Merch!

Thanks to our volunteer parents, we have shirts, mugs, bags, and more for sale (many featuring parent designs)!

All profits come right back to Franklin to support dual immersion, environmental, arts, and sciences enrichment.

If you have a design idea, please email us at (ideally with a sketch or image of your idea).


Product Creation Guidelines

  • Final designs must be delivered in one of the following formats: Illustrator vector file (ideally), or high-resolution PNG, PSD, or JPG.
  • Designs must feature elementary-school-appropriate imagery and language, and should adhere to our values as a "green school" and dual-immersion language public school.
  • Products may not refer to any specific fundraising campaigns for Franklin's PTA, the 6th grade, etc. (We support them 100%, but need to keep our finances separate).
  • All designs must be offered free of charge, for use in perpetuity; the designer may request an in-kind donation form for tax deduction purposes. 
  • Designs may focus on the four target languages &/or English, but no nation-specific iconography / words or sensitive/outdated language (i.e. no flags, maps, country names like "España," “I’m fluent/bilingual…”  etc.). 
  • Designs must strive for diversity & equity (e.g. multiple races depicted; no "Star Student" merchandise unless all children have access). 
  • Products must be appropriate for elementary school audiences and strive for size equity (e.g. no crop-tops; apparel should be offered in plus sizes for no additional charge).
  • Franklin will endeavor to credit designers on the website as much as possible, if the designer wishes.


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