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Join PTA

  • Your Franklin PTA provides student and family enrichment though assemblies, workshops, socials, teacher appreciation, and programs including the "green team," the book expo, art & music, and health & safety. PTA connects our school with the district, state and national PTA to help shape and influence public policy around education.


    Basically, the school community -- teachers, staff, students, parents, and families -- will benefit and be strengthened by your membership in, and support of, the PTA. We have a long-standing record of 100% participation.  Please create a membership for each student and parent in your family.  And, honestly, if there are aunts and uncles, grandparents and others who support your kids and the school, please go ahead and get a membership for them as well. Then, be sure to attend the Association meetings in the Fall, Winter and Spring!


    To register a PTA membership for yourself and each member of your family, follow this link: