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Language Support

  • Each year, the BFEF funds support staff for each of our four language programs. 

    We provide two types of in-person support: local educational assistants and interns. Each helps reduce the student-teacher ratio. This extra staff also reinforce language learning and share their cultures with our community. You'll see our interns and assistants working with students, helping with art projects, reading groups, and leading games at recess. 


    Our interns come from countries where our four languages are spoken. All interns are hosted by Franklin friends and families. We use Amity and CICD to recruit most of our interns. Interns are vetted by our teachers, principal, BFEF's intern coordinator, and the sponsoring organizations. Each intern submits to a background check as well.

    Each host family provides free room and board in exchange for the teaching intern’s active participation in family life and household chores. (Note: interns are not au pairs or live-in tutors, per the terms of their training plan.) You can read hosting guidelines HERE.


    Host families provide:

    • A private bedroom; a shared bathroom is fine.
    • 3 meals a day (or food for three meals per day; you are not expected to prepare special meals for your intern).
    • An intern can live with multiple families, but each family must host for a minimum of 8 weeks.


    If you are interested in becoming a host family, please contact the BFEF Intern Coordinators at

    If you are interested in working as an intern at Benjamin Franklin Elementary, please apply at or CICD

    To learn more about working as an educational assistant in our language classrooms, please contact the principal.